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The Holywood Chamber President’s Awards is an innovative initiative which will seek to celebrate local businesses that demonstrate excellence in various aspects of their operations with bi-monthly awards presented by the Holywood Chamber President in partnership with media partner, Spectator Newspaper Group.

The awards, will highlight and commend businesses that go above and beyond to drive footfall to the town, showcase their products or services in innovative ways, maintain beautiful shopfronts, excel in marketing strategies, achieve great online sales, and contribute positively to the community.

  • The awards program will feature bi-monthly categories, each focusing on a different aspect of business excellence. From driving footfall to the town to demonstrating outstanding customer service and sustainability initiatives, the awards cover a broad spectrum of criteria designed to showcase the diverse strengths of Holywood’s business community.
  • Nominations for the awards are open to both businesses and community members, who are invited to submit entries via email to the Chamber.
  • The selection committee will comprise of the Chamber President, Susi Diesel, and a small, impartial selection of the Board who will review nominations for each category and select the winning business at their discretion.
  • Winning businesses will receive a monthly showcase through a dedicated PR campaign and social media (video and photos) as well as a trophy or plaque recognising their achievement.
  • The Holywood Chamber President’s Awards not only celebrate individual businesses but also foster a sense of community pride and encourage a culture of excellence among local businesses.


Key Dates for Award 1 – Best Family Business

  • Launch Event – Wednesday 20 March 2024 in Holywood Wine Bar – 10am to 11am
  • Award One deadline for entries – Wednesday 24th April 2024
  • Announcement of award 1 & launch of award 2 – Thursday 2nd May 2024 – in Spectator Newspapers and online


Month 1: Best Family Business

– The Best Family Business award celebrates the contributions and achievements of family-owned businesses in Holywood.

– These businesses make up the rich tapestry of independent shops, professional services and bars and restaurants and play a vital role in the local economy and community, often passing down traditions, values, and expertise from one generation to the next.

– Nominees for this award may include businesses that have been owned and operated by the same family for multiple generations or those that are currently run by family members.

–  These businesses may operate in various sectors, including retail, hospitality, professional services and service-based business.

– Criteria for selecting the winner of the Best Family Business is below. (Max 1,000 words)

  1. Name of business
  2. Offering of business
  3. Brief overview of your family-owned business, including its history
  4. How does your family-owned business contribute to the local community and economy, and what sets it apart from other businesses in Holywood?
  5. Can you share any challenges or obstacles your family has overcome over the years?

Nomination Process:

  • We will establish a nomination period of four weeks for each monthly award category.
  • Encourage businesses and community members to submit nominations via email to info@holywoodchamber.co.uk.
  • Include criteria for nominations, such as specific examples of how the business meets the award category.

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