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With years of experience in the scientific field, Randox Health is committed to improving people’s lives across the globe.

Our knowledge lies in preventive health: empowering you to prevent illness and stay healthier for longer.

Our process is simple in that by taking a small sample, we can provide you with the opportunity to see your future health by measuring your blood.

All samples are analysed on our patented technology within our own private laboratory, to accurately assess your present health and predict your future health.

Provided with this information, clients take control before illness takes hold.

At Randox Health we offer different levels of health programmes to suit every individual, each one offering expert Scientific Consultation follow ups and repeat testing.

Through our service, more people are realising they don’t have to leave their health to chance and only take action when a problem arises, understanding that it is important to make health a priority and start now before something really does influence their body.

Join us and start your programme today.

Look after your own health, only with Randox Health!

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